Beijing,China – [18/09/2023] – Chenzi Ye, Managing Director of WCBG, one of the leading marine biotechnology companies  in South Australia, had the distinguished opportunity to engage in a high-profile breakfast event. Also in attendance were Peter Malinauskas MP, Premier of South Australia, and Graham Fletcher, Australia's Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

A Collaborative Platform for Innovation and Growth

The breakfast event served as a platform for discussing collaboration, innovation, and growth opportunities in South Australia's key industries. The event was particularly significant as Adelaide serves as the central R&D hub for WCBG. The company has numerous collaborative research projects in the region, working closely with the Marine Biology and Coastal Research Center (MBCRC) and Flinders University.

Recognition for WCBG’s Contributions

Premier Peter Malinauskas expressed high regard for WCBG's contributions to the local community. "WCBG has been instrumental in propelling academic research, fostering local employment, and boosting exports from our region. Their work represents the very essence of South Australia's innovative spirit," stated the Premier.

Strong Local Foundations

Adelaide is crucial to WCBG not only as its primary research and development center but also as the originating point for many of its products. The company's multiple product lines are developed, manufactured, and exported from South Australia, emphasizing the importance of the region in its business strategy.

AU Bio TODAY: A New Initiative

Towards the end of the event, Chenzi Ye had an in-depth discussion with Ambassador Graham Fletcher about WCBG’s newest initiative, AU Bio TODAY. The program aims to leverage cutting-edge marine biotechnology for sustainable growth and development. Ambassador Fletcher lauded the initiative, affirming its alignment with Australian-Chinese relations and mutual growth objectives.