From November 6th to 8th, 2023, WCBG, under the leadership of Managing Director Chenzi Ye, was a distinguished participant at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai. This participation underscored WCBG's status as a frontrunner in Australian marine biotech research and manufacturing, showcasing the high standards of Australian expertise in the field.

During the CIIE, WCBG was a prominent member of the Austrade Australian Medicine and Health delegation. The team engaged in multiple discovery tours organized by Austrade, highlighting the cutting-edge advancements in Australian healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

In addition, WCBG was actively involved in the welcoming ceremony for the Queensland Premier, an event orchestrated by Trade Investment Queensland. This involvement not only emphasized WCBG's commitment to Australian industry but also showcased its influential role in international trade and cooperation.

The CIIE offered WCBG extraordinary opportunities for networking and forming strategic alliances. Supported and promoted by the Australian government, WCBG leveraged the expo to establish potential collaboration agreements with several global enterprises, marking a significant stride in its international growth and presence.

"We are immensely thankful for the myriad opportunities presented at the China International Import Expo," said Chenzi Ye, Managing Director of WCBG. "The CIIE has been a pivotal platform for showcasing our strengths and forging significant global partnerships. The Australian government's support has been crucial in our progress, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting new ventures that lie ahead."

As a leader in marine biotechnology, WCBG's successful participation in the CIIE signals a bright future for the company and the broader Australian biotech industry.