Hong Kong - On November 15, 2023, the globally anticipated COSMOPROF and COSMOPACK conference took place in Hong Kong, drawing leading figures from the skincare research and manufacturing sectors worldwide. At this industry-trendsetting event, the team from WCBG, a leader in Australian marine biotechnology, made a significant appearance led by Director Nick Wang and Managing Director Chenzi Ye.

Since its inception, WCBG has achieved remarkable success in the skincare industry. Its proprietary brands, VITAROMA and Ocean Breeze Australia, representing Australian marine skincare, have consistently received international acclaim. The company has not only succeeded domestically but has also extended its influence globally by licensing numerous technologies and patents.

Participating in the COSMOPROF and COSMOPACK conference was a momentous occasion for WCBG. It provided an excellent platform to showcase their innovative achievements and leading-edge technology and a golden opportunity to network with international peers and explore collaborative ventures. The WCBG booth attracted numerous attendees, highlighting their latest advancements and products in marine biotechnology.

WCBG's presence at this conference is expected to further enhance its international influence in the skincare industry. This participation also signifies WCBG's commitment to driving the development of the industry, demonstrating the company's relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

WCBG's success is reflected not only in the international recognition of its products but also in its active contribution to the industry's growth. The company looks forward to establishing connections with more international counterparts at the event, jointly advancing the development and innovation in the skincare sector.