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Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group.

With many years of technologies and R&D know-how, Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group has made a beginning of numerous brands in Australia and overseas. Using convergence technologies between cosmetics, medicines and other fields, Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group has provided the soil for brands to bloom. As technology grows a brand, Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group will provide the soil for customers’ health and happiness.


ODM total consulting
* ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing)
ODM is a company (manufacturer) that is capable of designing and producing products according to specifications provided by a seller (brand). An ODM offers not only products and goods but also end-to-end services.

  • -Pioneer in ODM
    For the first time in Australia, Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group adopted an ODM network that offers a total service from product development to finished goods. Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group’s ODM network provides a comprehensive service from market research and trend analysis to product planning, development, manufacturing, management and shipment. Utilizing advanced technologies and the established ODM network, Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group helps a brand to design and produce a product. Therefore, the brand can focus more on marketing so that it will be able to strengthen its competitiveness in the market.
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